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Summa Consulting is a Medical Management Software and Electronic Learning company.
We are committed to designing, developing and implementing the best quality continuing medical education, web and mobile enabled "enduring material". To accomplish this, CME courses produced for your institutions and physicians are authoritative, up-to-date and professionally sound. We believe that physicians have a responsibility to be informed about current developments in the medical field, and we help create tools to make it a reality.
Our board of medical advisors is at your disposal, they ensure that technology is integrated with medicine in a useful and thoughtful manner. This oversight gives us a solid clinical foundation for the creation or deployment of high utilization digital medical system.

CME Online Program

We provide a full range of services for planning and producing "enduring material" from CME activities. Services include videography, editing, and production of online presentations, CD-ROMs, and podcast all accessible over the Internet. More than 50 CME activities are produced annually offering over 60 hours of instruction to more than 10,000 participants.


Video editing and Cleanup

Audio editing and Cleanup

Video conversion


Creation and production of web presentation.

Creation and production of mobile web presentation.

Creation of mobile app for CME presentation.